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“Don Niam Iron Trainer of Las Vegas Workout With JBELLS”

Iron Trainer Las Vegas Personal Trainer working chest with the Cutting Edge Spherical Strength training technology created by Jea Jung owner of the World famous City Athletic Club which has been labeled by many in the fitness industry as the new Mecca of Bodybuilding. City Athletic Club holds all the photo shoots for the Mr. Olympia event, mother of all Bodybuilding Contests. Phil Heath present Mr. Olympia endorses these phenomenal strength training weights, (dumbbells).

My (DON NIAM’S) call on the JBELLS after a high rep  intense chest training workout was the JBELLS keep a better isolation on the upper chest than standard dumbbells due to the ergonomic technology. When using free weights and performing chest fly being upper or flat (horizontal) position, dumbbells begin losing stress on the targeted area as the motion upward excels. Of course without cables which keep continued stress on the chest all the way through the upward pull, JBELLS gave me a few extra inches of tension on the chest area. Based on physics and I am not an expert in that area, but the added weight at the end of the sphere as opposed to dumbbells which carry more weight on the left and right side as opposed to the JBELL which has added weight at the bottom due to the spherical construction forces a harder and more stressful pull.

After performing decline JBELL press, I felt a tight form that kept as much stress as possible on the lower and outer pectoral muscle. Once again the spherical design kept a tighter more balanced focus on the chest as opposed to the deltoids and triceps. Working deltoid and triceps are obviously incorporated in chest training, but constantly seeking the best method to stress more chest and less deltoid is a real task and JBELLS assisted in the focus of targeting the chest and taxing the chest  before delts and tri’s were blown out. Anyone lifting for any length of time knows exactly what I am speaking of.

Bicep curls, hammer curls and reverse curls blew out my biceps faster and stressed them harder and I can only attribute it to the once again sphere technology. More weight at the bottom (end) than dumbbells which carry weight left and right side. So far the short abdominal training was just overall more fun holding the steel J shaped design which I turned into handles. A more advanced and tested training with the abdominal area will tell more. But that will come in a future workout and future update article.

The downside to JBELLS is that your hand may get caught inside of the jbell if your arm or wrist fails while performing flat bench, incline bench etc. If going heavy, a spotter should be used.

“This is my evaluation of just one workout with JBELLS and does not represent the manufacturer”.

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“Don Niam – Demonstration of  jBELLS.”

JBELLS Strength Training Dumbbell System from Don Niam on Vimeo.

Article by Don Niam