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In home personal training is offered to clients that do not wish to use a commercial gym facility. Goals can be reached very well working out in the privacy of your home with a scheduled regimen.
We offer in home personal training in Summerlin, Southwest Las Vegas, Northwest Las Vegas and West Las Vegas. All training is by appointment and based on Don's availability.
We offer strength training, kickboxing, self defense, high intensity interval training and cardio training through kickboxing and boxing along with various exercise tools. All training modalities are based on space and weight equipment available.
Cost is based on each individual needs and length of session along with travel time and schedules for client and personal fitness trainer. In most cases in home training cost is slightly more than in the gym due to travel time for trainer.
A typical first session consists of measurements and body fat testing if desired along with checking body weight. Assessing clients present fitness level and goals desired. Everyone is different in genetics and body types which varies results.
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mike testimonial side by side photo
Corporate Consultant

I think the hardest thing about changing your body is finding the right trainer to make it happen. I was skinny all my life until I started working out with Don and added 29 pounds of muscle in 6 months.

April client testimonial for personal trainer
Former service industry/Present Psychologist

I needed to lose weight and tighten my body for work quickly and I worked with Don in the past. I stuck with a strict diet and worked with Don twice a week and on my own did cardio a few times a week and it came together in less than a month.

Personal trainer client testimonial Alena
Nevada State worker

I worked with Don once per week and on my own from a workout he designed and lost 40 pounds of body fat in 6 months time!