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Private Kickboxing Training
One on oneĀ 


Kickboxing training is one of the most complete and balanced forms of exercise and taught correctly will improve cardio, lose body-fat, gain fexibility, create mental awareness, make a person feel better and more confident along with enhance better moods.
Don’s kickboxing training is infused with Kung Fu training and utilizes martial art techniques and not just standard sport kickboxing techniques.


Kickboxing through a veteran martial arts expert teaches practical application of striking areas along with distance and timing. There is no reason to learn kickboxing from a non professional. Professionals will teach proper flexibility and striking techniques. Aerobic instructors are not kickboxing instructors and normally have taken a few day seminar on a form of martial arts that takes years to master. Unfortunately gyms tend to appeal to what consumers think they want instead of what they need.

  • Striking areas have a purpose learn the right way
  • It is about proper technique first and the endurance benefits will be there
  • Gain power and confidence
  • Become flexibile through proper stretching techniques
  • Learn not just for workout, but for self defense also
  • Develop discipline and feel better after a workout
  • Gain more energy throughout the day
  • Keep learning and challenging and the workouts never get boring
Our core values

Don’s core values as a professional martial artist is to teach properly with safety being first. He believes that people exherting their valuable time and energy should always learn kickboxing and any form of martial arts the correct way. He applies that principle in his own life to everything he does and feels others deserve the same.

we love what we do
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