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Las Vegas Personal Trainer Bio


Immediately after graduating from High School and lettering on first team in wrestling, Don attended University of Akron. At 19 he started in Kung Fu and opened his first school 4 years later. His instructor in Ohio passed away and his hunger for knowledge led him to seek out the World renowned Grandmaster of the Hung Fut system of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu “Tai Yim”. Training his body was a passion and in 1989 Don entered the first Nationally sanctioned Kung Fu tournament in Baltimore Maryland and ranked second Nationally. A few years later Don wanted to pursue acting and moved to Los Angeles with his car and a friends place to stay for a short while. Don’s first job was at a prominent health club in Beverly Hilss as a personal trainer and kickboxing coach. Don landed small parts and then hit a Co-Starring role in “Undefeatable” A martial arts film that became a Youtube sensation and still carries a strong worldwide following and fan base. During his 6 years in LA, he training the inventor of spinning Johhny G. in Kung Fu along with Melanie Shatner, Star Treks William Shatner’s daughter, Matthias Hues from “I come in Peace” and several other famous people in LA.
Don moved back to his hometown of Akron in 1996 and opened a Kung Fu school again. He created a workout now on DVD CALLED Nitro Kick®️.
A tragic natural disaster struck the area of his school and wiped the entire business out. An opportunity became available in Las Vegas and in 2004 Don moved to Vegas and has been here training clients ever since.

Best Training
Being passionate about his work, Don offers forty years of knowledge and expert training to his clients. Safety is first.
Martial Arts
Kung Fu teacher for 40 years, owned and operated Schools for 25 years training successful Kung Fu youth and adults.
Pro Athletes
Special Trainer to NFL Cleveland Browns defensive line and University of Akron College Football Team.
Youth Athletes
Don trains youth athletes and young people needing enhanced athletic performance and overall fitness training.

Don wrestled in High School and lettered in the sport along with his team becoming sectional champs in Ohio. His love for one on one began at age 15.

Martial Arts

At 62 years of age Don started in Kung Fu at 19 and has taught hundreds of people over the past 40 years. Kung Fu and fitness have been his passion.

various accomplishments
Strength training began at 15 years of age at the YMCA and stayed consistent until age 19 when he started Kung Fu. After years of Kung Fu Don started strength training and broke the myth of weights slowing down martial artists.
In the late 1980’s Don trained his own fighters and promoted the largest International kickboxing tounaments in the Midwest.
In 1989 Don was the first person to train an NFL team specifcally the Cleveland Browns in speed and hand drills for the defensive line team and Bob Golic became a private student.
While living in LA Don was a bodyguard for the Saudi Royal Family providing personal protection forThe Bandar family Princess and their children.

Here you will find a photo gallery of some different exercises being displayed by fitness models strictly for motivation and viewing pleasure.

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