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How I Teach Boxing
Why My Boxing Training Is Different From Others

Boxing training in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Iron Trainer (Don Niam). This is a full workout for people who do not want to learn kickboxing and may have bad knees. Why my boxing training is different than others: With a long life of martial arts training I teach every form of sport fighting to be utilized for self-defense. For the client that wants to be able to incorporate self-defense into their boxing training, I teach elbows and how to properly posture yourself for safety and distance.

When teaching private one on one boxing I teach a dynamic warm-up to prepare the shoulders and entire body for movement. Striking power comes from a strong centerline (core). Abdominal and core training is essential to get that strong punch and have a well defined abdominal section.

To learn how to spare energy and punch with maximum power a person needs to learn how to relax and strike relaxed until impact. When impacting the target the fist needs to tighten and all the power comes from the hip, then the core and out of the hand. I work with clients teaching form and the purpose of every movement for good form and avoiding injury. When a person understands what they are doing, the striking, bobbing, weaving, slipping, head movement and why a technique is taught develops better form and the client looking like a boxer and not just someone hitting a bag or pads.

When teaching boxing I work on the focus mitts and the heavy bag along with learning footwork.
If you are weight training and need something new to add to your arsenal or just not able to cut that extra body fat, this is an excellent workout to burn calories and enjoy a workout that relieves stress and makes you feel better overall.
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