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All individuals bodies and genetic make up are different, some of the results from clients are not typical and vary based on individual factors.


Here on the testimonial page you will find images and testimonials from clients that have trained with Don Niam. Results vary from person to person and various workout routines, eating habits along with workout habits and dedication obtain various results. Don can train you, teach correct methods to keep you safe and obtain maximum results and then it is up to you to do the work. Anything that has value requires work.

Plank single left leg up in air


Chuck Patten Guarding President Foed
Chuck Patten
Former Secret Service - Google Review
Agent/Guard Presidents

As a former Special Agent, US Secret Service, I have always needed to stay in good physical condition, ready to respond to any physical threat presented to me, to my fellow Agents and most importantly, those we were protecting, including the President of the US. Don Niam and his training, fitness and self-defense programs have, over the years kept me in top shape. The long hours required by Agents, the constant travel throughout the US and around the world many times left me exhausted and without access to a gym or training facility. But, with Don’s programs and fitness teachings, I was able to work out in my room or any small space available to improve and overcome any lack in stamina. His programs worked and I was always, and remain, in top physical condition. I am now semi-retired, still doing contract investigations for a government agency across the US. I still practice the workout techniques and programs Don teaches. Don is a dedicated professional. Without his training methods and his overall philosophy of fitness and a healthy life, I would never have been able to keep my edge. I could not give a higher recommendation to anyone else. If you want to stay fit, remain healthy, in mind and body, Don Niam is the best person to teach you and guide you to that goal.

woman pulling a lat machine bar down while working out
Google Review

Sherry Christiansen

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Personal training with Don Niam gives you motivation to keep going to the gym and train. His knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness has helped me tremendously. You never know what Don has up his sleeve with your workouts. He is constantly varying exercises for me each workout. He believes in me and continues to push me to do my best. Going to the gym and lifting weights can be intimidating but he teaches you how to properly lift weights. Another thing I love about having Don as my personal trainer is that he watches me do my exercise and tells me what I need to work on (head up, breathe, stop bending my wrist, etc). Don will be there to give you tools, knowledge and motivation to succeed. Without hesitation I would recommend Don Niam to anyone looking for a personal trainer who wants a rigorous and exciting program to keep them engaged during each workout.

mike testimonial side by side photo
Corporate Consultant

I think the hardest thing about changing your body is finding the right trainer to make it happen. I was skinny all my life until I started working out with Don and added 29 pounds of muscle in 6 months.

woman performing push up
Google Review

Training with Don was the best decision I ever made.  He is so knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients and wants the best for them.  Each session is amazing and very fun.  I look forward to each workout because he gives 100% every time and demonstrates each exercise precisely.  Thank you Don.

headshot of woman smiling sitting in a golf cart
IT Professional / Google Review

I’m so glad I found Don in my internet search for “Strength Training for Women Over 50 Las Vegas”. My search began because of muscle weakness and joint pain not to mention shoulder pain due to the rotator cuff.  I came upon a site for “Fit over 50” and it claimed to build muscle strength without injury. Exactly what I needed, I thought plus the trainer had years of experience and he was over 50 himself – A total win, win. Well, I’ve been training with Don for almost three months now and I can honestly say that my strength has improved tremendously, I’ve lost inches and joint pain … all without injury. Often “oh that didn’t hurt” comes to mind when I do something that always caused pain in the past. And now I easily lift my own heavy luggage into the overhead bin while others just look on in amazement. I highly recommend Don’s Fit over 50 training.

April client testimonial for personal trainer
Former service industry/Present Psychologist

I needed to lose weight and tighten my body for work quickly and I worked with Don in the past. I stuck with a strict diet and worked with Don twice a week and on my own did cardio a few times a week and it came together in less than a month.

instructor holding pads while client performs a roundhouse kick
Zoe Pappas
Google Review

Don is an excellent trainer! In a short amount of time, he had me doing combinations and had me kicking more powerfully than I ever have before. He works on technique and application of what he teaches, which helped me learn much faster. Don stays focused during the entire session and is never sitting or on his phone. I would absolutely recommend Iron Training to everyone.

woman kicking a kickboxing pad during training
Mary P
Self Employed / Google Review

Hiring Don as my personal kickboxing instructor is the best thing I’ve done. First, I’ve learned more in one month of training with Don than I ever did in one year of group kickboxing classes. I also got a personal trainer and a self defense instructor when I hired Don. He is truly the one stop shop for all of my training and fitness needs. With one-on-one training with Don, all of his attention is focused on me me me! Don tailors his training to fit me and my goals. I learn skills I can actually use outside of the gym while getting an intensive workout with him. Don takes the time to teach me the proper forms and moves in kickboxing, self defense, weights, abs, entire body workout. I’m 51 years old, and this is the first time I haven’t hurt my back and joints working out this hard. My body looks more fit and toned already and I feel great! Thank you Don! My fiancé noticed the results just after one month, and now he is training with Don. Anyone who is looking for real kickboxing lessons and a personal trainer all in one, Don is the only one you will need. He’s the best I’ve seen!

Iron Trainer Logo Yellow and black with shadow
Google Review

I had been looking for a trainer for a while and came across Don on the internet and decided to try him out. He had extensive training in martial arts and I felt that he would have the best practices in all aspects of fitness. I cannot express how happy I have been with my training. I have had great results with the change to my body with every area that I was looking to target. He has given me the tools and knowledge to work out on my own and not be confused as to whether I am doing it correctly and not hurting myself with incorrect form. He would never just tell me to do something, he would show me by doing it himself first and correct my form so I get the best results. He is always very interactive and all in all just making sure I am gaining the best training I can possible have. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

jab punch on heavy bag
Gavin Kelley
Google Review

When I needed to get serious about my training – and the positive lifestyle changes that come with that – I took my time trying to find the right trainer for me. My search led me to Don Niam. I may live in Los Angeles, and the drive may take its toll, but for me going to see Don once every six weeks or so is entirely worth it.

Personal trainer client testimonial Alena
Nevada State worker

I worked with Don once per week and on my own from a workout he designed and lost 40 pounds of body fat in 6 months time!

personal trainers client performing a bicep curl with dumbbells in seated position
Google Review
IT Consultant

I have been training with Don for a few years. In my opinion, his expertise is second to none. He understands the “why” of the exercise to ensure the use of proper technique and training. His lessons help maximize my results with the minimum amount of effort. I appreciate his dedication and talent.

fitness client lifting two bars from a squat position
Google Review
Occupational Therapist

Don was the first personal trainer I ever worked with and I’m so glad I chose him! He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and teaches you the proper way to do the exercises. I got great results from working with him and now have a great knowledge base and foundation to work from!

photo of female kickboxing client sitting with ball cap on
Google Review

When I first got interested in kickboxing, I tried one of those web-special strip mall “kickboxing” gyms you see advertised all over town. BIG mistake. After my first class I had already injured myself because nobody properly taught me technique. There were so many people in the class we had to share bags. I went back because I had already paid for it, but it only got worse. That’s when I found Don! He is the REAL DEAL. From the very beginning he taught me all the fundamentals…proper stance, how to hold my hands, pivot when punching and SO much more! He always gives me the “why” behind everything he teaches, which helps me understand. He also watches every move I do very closely and can tell me exactly why this punch didn’t connect or why that kick didn’t get enough power even down to when I need to be breathing more to help keep up my endurance. I am developing muscles I never knew existed and I know it’s thanks to Don’s training. I like that he offers the first session free…there’s no pressure and you can get a read on each other and see if you mesh well, but trust me, one session is all it will take to get you hooked! By far, the best trainer I’ve ever worked with and, as an added bonus, he’s such a nice guy! Easy to talk to and super fun to work with. I am LOVING kickboxing now and can’t wait to see how far I can go in it having Don as my coach!

man standing on a stage with hands in his pocket wearing a hoodie
Martin Kennedy
Caesars Corporate
Google Review


If you are looking for a trainer who pushes you and puts a premium on proper technique then you need to contact Don. Don helped me lose bad habits (form and technique) and once I shaked those habits I started to see remarkable strength gains. If you are ready to put the work in Don is the trainer you want in your corner pushing you to achieve your goals.

Personal Trainer Client Testimonial photo of weight loss and muscle definition
VIP Host

I became very out of shape and Don helped me get motivated and with his advanced training methods I was able to bring my body where I wanted it. I lost around 25 pounds of body-fat and brought my fat percentage to 8%.


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