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  • Great Success – 2014-11-9

    I needed to drop weight quick and change my body. I was able to do it in less than 30 days. I followed the meal plan and worked out with Don 2 times per week along with my own cardio workouts.


  • Pure Muscle Gain – 2014-02-02
    A most wonderful article

    Lean Hard
    Muscle Gain

    I used Trainers in the past, but for detail and real results that you can see and feel, Don’s system worked for me.
    I never have been able to change my body the way I did with Don’s program.

  • Results for a Athlete and Bodybuilder

    I have been working out all  my life and needed a boost in training for a show. I reached a plateau and could not get beyond it. Don took me through training methods that taxed my body and sparked new muscle growth along with dropping body fat.


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