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Personal Trainer Infuses Kung Fu Into Fitness

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Kung Fu Forms Training Building Athletic Power and Increase Cardio

Personal Fitness trainer Don Niam is a Kung Fu teacher with 45 years of experience in Martial Arts training.

Don incorporates traditional Kung Fu training for those who would like it into his fitness programs. This is one of the many aspects of Don’s training methods that set him far apart from others. At 66 years young Don is living proof that his training works. Don walks the walk and talks the talk.


Trainer Practices What He Preaches

Don practices what he preaches and stays on his game by training daily and innovating new methods through practice and consistency. Infusing Kung Fu postures, stretching techniques, Martial Art power training, and a multitude of unique exercises, anyone can change their physical and mental health.


One of the beautiful benefits of traditional Kung Fu training is that no equipment is needed. Working with your body and unlocking the amazing abilities hidden in everyone’s body is the beauty of the art of Kung Fu.


The complete art form offers the technique, forms, self-defense, and in American terms “Kickboxing”. The mental health benefits are lifelong and extremely gratifying.


Presently Don only instructs the art in its purest form in private training or partner training.


If you would like more information on a fitness program infused with Kung Fu, feel free to reach out to Don directly via this quote form. Please note that if you are seeking just Kung Fu training, the cost for private sessions is $75.00 per hour. Standard fitness is lower and various packages are available.

Call Don Direct 702-610-3896

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