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Working Out But Gaining Body Fat

Your Dedication Is Working In Reverse

You’ve been working out for two years now with dedication and you started having some success at the beginning of your training but you no longer have success and you’re gaining 5 to 10 pounds of body fat per year but cannot figure out what’s wrong.

For starters, diet plays a very key role in whether you’re gaining body fat and looking worse. Building quality muscle tissue requires a proper resistance training program with excellent form and professional monitoring if you cannot do it yourself.

Are you just taking a class and pushing sleds moving battle ropes waiting in line to do the next exercise crawling around the floor?

That’s a big problem right there.

Dump The Training Challenges They Are Useless

All these challenges and get fit quick schemes that gym’s advertise do not work long-term. The concept of educating people on how to build their body, build confidence and educate oneself have been lost in all the BS advertising coming from Gym promotions.

Marketing has turned into such a false advertising concept that businesses start-up not with a passion to improve the lives of people or add value from your service but to trick people into buying their service or product. The concept of being very good at what you do through building your business and getting referrals is lost. Personally, I am all about technology and proper marketing but first, you have to be exceptional at what you do. You also have to be a prime example of what you do to sell people on it. For example, if you were a trainer and you’re 40 to 50 pounds overweight how is anyone going to believe in you when you can’t even do it yourself. People in business have come to believe that as long as we own the business and we have the equipment and a facility in place that people should just believe us even though we don’t look the part or practice what we preach.

Follow An Expert Who Looks The Part And Trains Themselves

Competition is too stiff today to leave out the main ingredient which is being an expert at what you do and stay on top of your game. Looking and being what you sell is still first and foremost the key ingredient to be successful at what you do. I watched a trainer the other day who is new in the business and physically in great shape herself having a woman doing sumo squats with 80-pound dumbbells moving her legs about 4 inches deep which is useless. This woman can’t do a bodyweight squat correctly so why have them hold a very heavy dumbbell especially when they already have a torn rotator cuff and cannot do a bodyweight squat correctly.

I’m not sure who the bigger idiot is the trainer or the person paying the trainer?
Stop paying for poor quality training or lame classes

Changing your body cosmetically to continuously improve will require strength training which means you need resistance along with the proper form. Resistance with bad form will equal a waste of time and no real progress.

Going back home and telling your spouse or kids or whoever that you just did a squat with lots of weight today means nothing because you didn’t perform it correctly. Well I may be wrong there because you actually paid a lot of money to learn the exercise wrong.

I may not always tell people what they want to hear, but the truth does not always feel good.

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