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Kung Fu Training Teaches Correct Form

As a Kung Fu teacher for over 40 years, I know the value of the precise and correct form.
Martial Arts has one way to perform a Handset Form (Kata) or technique and that is the right way.

As an owner of Kung Fu schools for over 25 years and a teacher of Martial Arts form and correct movement must be taught and specified to achieve perfection. This kind of attitude and teaching method transfers to the fitness industry and paying attention to detail is so important for a proper training routine. man in martial arts horse stance with hands in tiger claw position

Is Your Personal Trainer Teaching You Correctly?

I see so many trainers watch their clients perform exercises wrong all day long and never bother to correct the wrong form. Some trainers do not know the correct form and in many cases, it is just a lazy attitude and disregard for the proper training methods to achieve success and help the client succeed. Just a few days ago, I watched a trainer demonstrating a tricep cable exercise with the rope handles. The trainer demonstrated the exercise correctly, but stood there and watched his client perform the exercise completely wrong and did not bother to correct him.

How can a personal trainer who should be committed to helping people stand there and be too lazy to make the exercise right? In my opinion, the trainer is lazy and lacks the purpose of what they are getting paid as a professional to do along without caring about the purpose of their skill or lack of it.

Discipline Starts On Day One

A quality martial arts instructor has been trained in discipline and correct movement. To pass tests in Martial Arts the movement and technique taught cannot be wrong. This is just correct teaching.

As a teacher, I cannot watch bad form and just ignore my client to perform exercises wrong. Personally, I have a hard time not correcting people in the gym when I see so many exercises being trashed without correcting people. It is not my place though to correct every person in the gym exercising with bad form. Although it sometimes is difficult when I see possible injury due to poor posture and technique refraining from helping is hard.

An expert Martial arts instructor has a discipline and mindset that the average personal trainer does not understand. From the first day of beginning classes in a Martial Arts school, the process of discipline and proper movement and form is the only option for proper training.

For those of you reading this article but have never taken any form of Martial Arts, this may not totally sink in. Performing movement correctly is driven into a student’s head and working hard to perform a technique correctly develops a strong work ethic that carries over into work, life and dedication which takes time and patience. Too many people want whatever they are seeking right now and lack patience and a strong work ethic.

Advertising That Sell What You Want Not What You Need

Advertisements for an easy way to lose weight without work is part of the problem in society. Businesses conform to what people want rather than showing them the correct way. The result will be high turnover and eventually, the person wanting to attain a specific goal will have to find the trainer (teacher) who is dedicated to the success of their clients. So many people in business forget the main ingredient to be successful which is being an expert at what you do.

Iron Trainer Interviews Prospective Clients

At Iron Trainer Personal Training we also interview our prospective clients to educate them about exercise and success of their physical and mental development. This is called the truth!
Educating the prospective client helps them better understand the process and lifestyle of being successful in an exercise program.

For more information about how we can help you in your fitness goals please fill out the inquiry form below to better understand your goals and we will get back to ASAP with pricing and answer any questions you might have. Your success in fitness is our mission.
You can also call Don direct at 702.610.3896.



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