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Deltoid Workout

Olympic Plate Deltoid Workout

Personal Trainer deltoid workout for an intense extreme pumping shoulder workout completely taxing all heads of the deltoids. This is not a traditional shoulder workout and will help your body break plateaus if you are stuck. When you have been working out as many years as I have, we have to keep things interesting and break plateaus. This deltoid workout will help you crush the boredom of the same old deltoid workout routine.

The angled plate press will pump your shoulders and traps even more than an overhead press. Try them and you will see. I train my clients using this deltoid routine and they love it.

Traditional Strength Training Routines

Personally, I get tired of using traditional strength training routines and I am constantly finding new ways to be creative and hit the various muscle groups from different angles. I also like to change up the number of repetitions and various weight strengths. Some days are high rep lower weight ranges and others are low being 5 – to 6 repetitions using a much heavier weight.

As with all training programs using correct form and posture, placement is important for preventing injury.

If you are interested in training with the Iron Trainer please fill out our info and Quote Form to see if we may be a fit. You can call Don direct at 702.610.3896.

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