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Push Ups Pull Ups

Perform you Push-ups and Pull-Ups Correctly.
female performing push ups correctly on two slam balls

Performing Push Ups and Pull Ups Correctly Being Fit Over 50

This blog is video-based to demonstrate a few bodyweight exercises. Deep push-ups on the slam ball and are more difficult than on a hard surface and full range of motion pull-ups!

I constantly see people training with personal trainers for years and they cannot come close to good form. Don’t look like a chicken poking your head to the floor on push-ups and poor form pull-ups barely going halfway and not the full range of motion.

Take a video of yourself if you want to see what you are doing. Don’t let your trainer trick you into thinking you are performing a push-up or pull-up correctly.

Many trainers do not know how to get the client to this level and just keep doing band pull-ups with no improvement.
Don’t spend money or wasted effort to stay the same. Improve your abilities and improve yourself.
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