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Our Kickboxing Is Different From Others

Why Our Private Kickboxing Is Different From Others And Commercial Gyms

We teach kickboxing training for practical application along with getting a great workout. As a traditional martial artist for 45 years teaching kickboxing with proper form and technique is the only way Don teaches. Full contact training which is built into the traditional Hung Fut Kung Fu system is better known in western terms as kickboxing.

Fluffy Gyms Are On every Corner In Las Vegas

Today just walk down the street or open up your Instagram account and see a new upscale gym with a lot of fluff to entice the uneducated user into joining or trying a free class. Most of these gyms have instructors with very little knowledge of any martial arts system let alone kickboxing training. Sadly enough the gym thinks their classes are working because their average customer knows nothing and whatever is taught will not be questioned. Las Vegas is loaded with franchise gyms or just pretty kickboxing rooms with bags too close to workout properly due to the gym wanting to cram members in to meet the budget and pay the high rent they signed a lease for. The unknowing consumer gets duped into believing they are learning real kickboxing training. These classes teach poor form due to not knowing real technique and application. The instructor tells the members the usual, keep moving, you are doing great, get that burn and so on.

You cannot take a seminar or take classes that teach poor form and become a teacher based on learning from an uneducated instructor.

How We Teach Kickboxing

There is a format for teaching any type of fighting system. First is the stance, then the basic punches such as the jab, hook, uppercut, backhand, elbows, knees, and spinning techniques. These strikes have a purpose and a strategy on how to execute them. There is a wrong way and a right way for everything. We teach the why and how’s of every movement and the instruction makes sense. When training with Don you will not have elbows flying out, hands dropping and no knowledge of where each strike should land. One of the biggest and most simple mistakes made in teaching kickboxing is the location of head strikes. Members and instructors are always punching at shoulder level for head strikes. This type of poor instruction comes from no knowledge of how it all works. With that basic of a problem, the rest just continues to go downhill.

Not Just A Fitness Kickboxing Session

After a short time of training properly our clients can hit hard and develop great timing. Learning correctly gives a person the ability to put combinations together and move with good form and feel like a martial artist and not just a fitness kickboxing member in a gym. When you understand what you are doing, the training takes shape and begins to place the pieces of the puzzle together.

Focus On Form: Technique And Power

Focus on the training is on form, technique, and execution of power. When you pay for kickboxing, a client needs to learn kickboxing and not jump up and down or do bear crawls and burpees for half the class/session. These gyms do this due to lack of knowledge in the sport/art and try to make up for poor instruction by making members feel like the just burned calories. You can do that for free by sprinting at the park and save the monthly membership fee. A true teacher will not water down the instruction to trick the consumer.

One of the reasons I like these fake instructional gyms is that they are a great feeder for sending clients my way for serious private instruction after exhausting the minimal kickboxing training they learn in the gym class. Sweating and breathing hard can happen from exercise in general, but learning a skill requires a skilled instructor. Don’t pay for amateurs that are weak in real training methods and selling a smoke and mirrors workout.

The learning process is continuous and keeps becoming more interesting as the progression of the student/client continues.

We do not sell contracts or any long term commitment for private kickboxing or personal training. Our instruction is based on quality and clients see and feel the value. We train clients that want to learn and get in shape. We sell small packages and sometimes at the end of the package we will not continue training clients that are not serious about the program. This is also one of the reasons contracts are not sold. As a professional martial artist and owner of Kung Fu schools for 25 years, teaching correctly and taking every student/client training serious. Don loves to teach and help people that want to learn and goes above and beyond someone in the business who is a trainer for the business or job. If you have an interest in learning more and obtaining prices, please fill out our QUOTE FORM which also gives us an insight on your present training if any and goals.

Teaching is not a job, it is a passion!

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