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Why personal trainers lose clients to other trainers

The personal training business is very competitive like many business today especially in large service industry cities like Las Vegas. A personal trainer needs to stay on top of his game and be dedicated and good at what they do. That means that the trainer should be working out and staying fit along with always learning and testing new training methods. In the fitness business, a trainer should never take their clients for granted and assume they will always stay with them no matter what they say or do.

Always Be True To What You Do

The Personal Training side of the business should always be taken very seriously and leave out all personal issues, along with religious and political beliefs. When a client fails to gain results due to ineffective personal training methods and not due to their efforts they may move on to working out by themselves or switching to a different personal trainer. If your client leaves to choose another trainer, that is not the fault of the newly chosen trainer but the former trainer needs to look in the mirror and point the finger at themselves. Jealousy in situations like this is very childish and immature. Sometimes a radical change in a person behavior reveals that individuals true identity and their mental weakness. The purist remains tough, stays focused, positive and maintains a professional attitude,

No One Owns Their Clients

In the real world of life and business no one owns anyone, people have the right to choose whatever and whoever they want to hire for any service, especially if they’re paying hard-earned money for it. Some personal trainers start to believe that they are business coaches, religious prophets and have ultimate power over their clients. This same type of thought process is why they have trouble running their own business and attempt to take advantage of a clients kindness. Be a great personal trainer stay focused at what you do, pay attention to your client’s needs, the time spent with them and keep your issues to yourself. The mission is all about the client’s needs and the trainer must have the skill and knowledge to take a client to their goals.woman performing a plank exercise with back straight stabilizing body on forearms and ball of feet

Never think that a client is oblivious to what your motives or intentions truly are. Remember that they are the ones that can afford your service and in most cases, the trainer could not afford the same type of service themselves. Personal trainers that have a passion for what they do are not in the business for the money but are doing what they love to do and truly being good at what they do.

Being in charge of the training methods is the job of the trainer, not being in charge of a client’s life. All business comes down to being the best in your industry through hard work, education and staying pure to the mission.

Never Worry About Competition Just Be Great At What You Do

As a fitness professional and being in the business for many years, I never worry about clients moving to someone else. My focus is mainly on being very good at what I do and dedication to every client’s success and goals. A trainer must always keep a high professional standard. If your trainer just looked like they crawled off the couch and threw their flip flops on and looks like it is an effort just to show up it is time to fire them. That standard requires being a professional and setting a standard above your competition and utilizing training methods that are proven and tested by yourself.

Many of my blog articles are inspired by real-life situations that I have encountered through being attentive and dedicated to the craft of training and helping others. It is difficult to observe training methods that are not effective and in many cases dangerous to people.

If you have encountered poor fitness training through a trainer or just watched too many Instagram posts and confused about what to do, feel free to reach out to Don VIA EMAIL or a phone call at 702.610.3896 and if we can assist in your concerns or general questions please do not hesitate to contact Don directly.

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