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Is Your Personal Trainer Teaching You Stretching

Is your trainer showing you how to properly stretch your entire body? Most likely they are not and the reason is most trainers do not know stretching techniques and do not practice stretching themselves. Personal trainers tend to train clients based on how they work out as opposed to customizing workouts for each specific need of a client.

How many times have you had your trainer spend time showing you how to stretch by stretching themselves and teaching the fastest safest methods to stretch? I am guessing never unless the trainer practices yoga.

leg up on high bar to stretch and one hand down to leg on floor for a split stretch
Bar Stretching For A Split by Personal Trainer Don Niam Las Vegas


Why Stretching Is So Important To Your Workout Regimen

Low back issues in many cases are caused by tight hamstrings that are never stretched especially after a leg workout or cardio such as running or walking on the treadmill. Decompression of your lower back before starting a training session is rather than twisting exercises for the lower back. Everyone wants to get right into the meat of a workout rather than warm up properly through dynamic stretching and a dynamic warm-up.

Encouraging My Clients To Spend Time Stretching

I teach stretching on a regular basis to my clients and encourage them to spend time on their own to stretch. Stretching helps relieve stress along with making your muscles feel good. Ask your trainer to show you how to stretch and not just tell you to stretch. You will find out pretty quickly how flexible they are and if they even understand or know how to stretch.

Athletes And Stretching

Even many athletes who need flexibility training no matter what sport they are involved in neglect stretching and feel like it is boring. When stretching is taught properly results can happen fairly soon. Results are what make someone feel motivated about doing certain exercises. Flexibility training along with strength training and plyometric training improves overall body strength and helps prevent injury.

Here at Iron Trainer Personal Training stretching and flexibility training are important areas of our custom workout programs. For more information or to find out our rates feel free to fill out our evaluation and Quote Form to find out pricing for training with us. You can also phone Don direct at 702.610.3896.

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