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Personal Training On The Rise In Las Vegas

Personal Training For Effective Fitness Results

Personal Trainer Client Deltoid Workout from Don Niam on Vimeo.


Iron Trainer Personal Training has seen a rise in personal training clients in 2019 due to a healthy economy. Lately, I have been getting feedback from new clients stating they do not like the high priced classes they try out or sign up for due to the lack of instruction. Group fitness such as Cross Fit, Bootcamp classes, and other high priced specialty membership classes in smaller gyms are on a decline. These gyms fail as fast as they open due to people wanting to be in the fitness business for money and not for the real reason which is to help people. The other expensive classes are the kickboxing franchise gyms that do not give any special attention to watered down classes taught by someone who was a member and turned instructor. Kickboxing is a skill and should only be taught by a qualified instructor. I have gained new clients from some of the fake kickboxing franchise gyms that prey on the lack of knowledge of the consumer. Today’s consumer becomes aware of what they purchased fairly quickly especially with the power of the internet.

Working Out For Life Changes

Other complaints I hear are that the group fitness classes have very little equipment and people do a lot of standing around waiting for the next set of instruction or lack of constant movement. Today with the power of the internet our consumers are far more educated than in years past. What has happened is the person who has finally become serious about getting in shape and wanting to take the fastest route to be educated about developing a fitness routine are taking the life changes that a quality fitness routine can offer.

Changing the body is not about just sweating and doing 100 push-ups when they cannot do 1 correctly or 100 burps being barked out by an instructor that cannot do 100 themselves. A challenge that offers a lot of hype, but not long term physical changes. To change the body and have long term muscle gains requires proper training routines designed by a qualified personal trainer.

Being A Motivator Leading By Example

Being 64 years of age and understanding the challenges of the average person, I know what people are seeking and customizing a program to make real physical changes along with targeting their challenging areas is what people want. How can a trainer or teacher stand in front of someone and tell them what to eat, how to work out and be a motivator when they look like they need to get in shape themselves. The fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds with the preachers and not teachers failing and losing out to the purists who do not deviate from the real methods and work at their craft to always become better at what they do to pass along the tried and true methods that take work and discipline.

Honest And True Training Methods

At Iron Trainer Personal Training we offer real training and real facts to change a person lifestyle. What we do not offer is smoke and mirrors or anything that lures you into an exercise program. When entering the world of fitness a true expert who has only the clients success in a fitness program does not sugar coat training or what it takes to achieve goals. We at Iron Trainer Personal Training are old school in values and principles. Be good at what you do, treat everyone with respect and help those who truly want help in the personal fitness and changing the thought process to be healthier, happier, look and feel better by proper training. That is what fitness is all about.

Quick Fixes Do Not Last

Many classes and challenges require a very calorie restrictive diet that would create weight loss without exercise. The purpose of a quality exercise program is not just about losing some weight fast, but to improve overall health on a long term basis. My success in the fitness business is due to practicing what I preach and never taking people along a path of short term goals. I keep myself fit and eat properly without starving myself and keep it real with my clients. I never instruct or train people as if they are in the military. I have never believed in harsh training methods. People are smart and realize what they are lacking through being properly educated in fitness training. They will make it happen with a leader that can inspire and not one who is 50 pounds overweight themselves.

Fitness Support System With A Qualified Personal Trainer

Everything takes time and consistency, that is just a fact of life. Knowing you are on the right track with a solid support system will create gains and success a little bit at a time. Long term success is something we all want and Iron Trainer Personal Training is there to support you with a proven track record and real training methods that get results. No hype or smoke and mirrors, just facts and hard work. If hard work scares you, we are not the personal training or fitness experts you are seeking.

For questions about exercise or personal training feel free t contact us by EMAIL or phone Don directly at 702.610.3896.

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