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Clients Learn How To Work Out

Learn To Workout On Your Own

Personal Trainer Don Niam Las Vegas-based fitness instructor teaches his clients how to work out on their own. My philosophy as a trainer (teacher) wants his clients to be educated in fitness and feels they will obtain better results if they learn the “why” exercises are performed a certain way and in a specific order.

Why My Training Style Is Different Than Most Trainers

Being a veteran in the fitness industry I truly believe in helping people and want them to be educated in fitness and have a solid understanding of exercise. There are clients that will not work out without their trainer and others that want to learn more about fitness and exercise. I offer programs for both types of clients. There are basics in the fitness industry that stand strong forever and this is something that people need to understand. Many people today including trainers that grab exercises from anyone on social media whether the exercise is valid or not. I constantly see people in the gym thinking they have a grasp on exercise because they spend the day trying everything they see on social media without the why or how a specific exercise works and what part of the body is being trained. It is great to educate yourself, just don’t grab every new exercise you see on social media from someone attempting to claim their expertise as a professional. Instagram has made everyone who wants to say DM me for information and to book an appointment.

A Pro Will Have A Dedicated Website For There Personal Training Business

A true professional in the fitness industry who is in business and has been in the business for at least 2 years minimum. A pro will have a dedicated website for their fitness or personal training business along with a list of real before and after photos and testimonials of client results. Testimonials on Google and not just a paragraph of text on social media or a website. As a professional in this business, I see too many non-professionals trying to grab a quick buck off of uneducated people. BUYER BEWARE of these types of so-called trainers. Inexpensive trainers for one on one personal training is another red flag. A true professional who knows what their value is due to knowledge supported by results and educational background. The fitness industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. Personal training is a large income base for large gym chains. In-house personal trainers that work for a gym are usually not the most experienced trainers and are paid a small hourly or half hour wage. In my opinion, half-hour sessions are too short to obtain real results. A minimum training session should be 45 minutes to one hour. Proper warm-ups are an integral part of a session. Hopping on a treadmill is not a proper warm up. A proper warm-up should focus on preparing whatever body parts are going to be worked through specific dynamic exercises. Treadmills will get your blood flowing but does not work specific muscle groups in preparation for exercise.

Number One Goal Is Client Results

If a trainer is educating the client the in form and how and why an exercise is performed the client will obtain better results through the mind muscle connection. There is plenty of new business for the qualified trainer and just wanting their check every month is not the job of personal trainers. In general, people have pretty good instincts and if it doesn’t seem right it probably is not right.

I offer a Free Consultation or a one time paid session for prospective clients. My sessions are sold in small packages of 4 sessions, 8 sessions and 12 sessions with no contracts. My belief is that I want serious clients that want to make changes in lifestyle and do not believe in obligating them to long-term contracts. There are also clients that I may not want to continue training due to canceling sessions on a regular basis.

For more information about personal training contact Don direct 702.610.3896 or fill out the Quote for pricing info.

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