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Hand Wrapping For Kickboxing

Hand Wrapping Video For Kickboxing and Boxing

Before hitting the heavy bag, focus mitts or Thai pads it is important to wrap your hands properly. Wrap all the knuckles individually to protect the knuckles and the joints for long-term activity and protection to your hands as you age.

The stronger a person gets at striking the harder the toll it takes on your hands and at Iron Trainer Personal Training, we take all forms of training serious and believe in training safe and avoiding long-term injury.

I recommend the stretch Mexican hand wraps that are extra long and wrap perfectly for excellent protection. Don’t spare a few dollars for cheap wraps that you cannot wrap each individual knuckle. Wraps that are not long enough or do not stretch just flat out do not work.

You can learn to wrap your hands properly by watching this video. Also, the tape can be applied for extra protection and to secure the wraps when pulling gloves off and on.

Wrap hands before hitting the heavy bag or focus mitt training like this video demonstrates some hard hitting bag work.

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