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Build Muscle

Building Your Body To Look Like You Workout

There is a method to achieving specific goals to suit your fitness needs. Most people hire a personal trainer to build muscle and lose body-fat. That is pretty much the standard goal. Today we are bombarded with great looking bodies in ads and they are the type of bodies most people would like to have. 

athlete preparing to clean and press a weight
Clean And Press Exercise For Adding Muscle To Your Body

What that means is they want a symmetrically balanced physique with muscle tone in all areas of the body. To achieve that in most people takes a strength training program using free weights, cables and possibly the use of machines depending on where they are training at. The first is free weights and second is cable exercises. Without trying to modify training methods that work by adding fluffy exercises that do not challenge your body are a waste of time, effort, and energy.

Weight Training Program

A weight training program needs to have some compound exercises utilizing a few exercises in one. The workout needs to target all of the muscle groups and pay attention to a persons challenging areas. Each muscle group has various heads to them and all muscle groups need to be hit properly. All of this depends on the number of days a person dedicates to a training program. If someone is only able to workout with a trainer 2 times per week a full body workout each session is the best route to take. The trainer can recommend certain cardio exercises on the days not training with the trainer. The more advanced the client becomes the more they could do on their off days.

It is best not to try to take on to much as a newbie to a fitness routine. I have had many new clients try to workout 5 days a week and fall off the wagon quickly by overtraining or just not able to commit to 5 days a week due to a work and family schedule. I always inform new clients that 3 times per week for a new person is enough training with some cardio on off days.

What Doesn’t Make Much Change In Your Physique

In the new age of training, I watch many people who want their physiques to change with a nice muscle form and toned body. Unfortunately, the trainer has them pushing sleds, rolling tires, standing on Bosu balls with a weight in their hand performing curls with too little of weight to tear down the muscle. A person can push those sled, hit the tires with a hammer and flip those tires for years and still never look like they worked out. They might be in good physical condition if the exercises are performed in high-intensity cross-training method. That type of training is for athletic performance. That type of training can be added to a solid strength training regime. Build all of the muscle groups up and strengthen weak areas and your body will be able to tolerate a proper high-intensity program athlete performance workout.

I have been working out since my teens and training people in some form or fashion for 40 years and one thing is for sure is that people want a nice looking body. The worst thing is that you workout for years and no one can tell.

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