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3 Personal Training Sessions $90.00

This Offer Not Valid At This Time

We are offering a Super Starter Special at this time for 3-1 Hour Personal Training Sessions or 3-1 Hour Private Kickboxing Sessions for $90.00. This is a great opportunity for someone who has been hesitant to start an exercise program and learn proper form for various exercises and strength training methods. This special is also offered to learn real kickboxing training that is taught in a manner to utilize for practical application for self-defense.

As a veteran personal trainer and martial artist of 40 years, I focus on form in everything that Iron Trainer Personal Training teaches. Without proper form results are minimal and injury is more prevalent. I also teach and incorporate flexibility training which in most cases is left out with many trainers and exercise enthusiasts. Most people do not stretch due to the lack of knowledge on how to obtain results and do not find it important in an exercise program. Flexibility training (stretching) helps prevent injury, aids in relieving soreness, relieves stress and makes you feel better overall.

This offer is not valid with any other offers. The free trial session is not offered in conjunction with this offer!
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Don Niam

Date: September 29, 2017
Time: 7:26:58