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First Meeting With Your Trainer

Your First Consultation With A Personal Trainer

You just booked a consultation with your personal trainer but you don’t recognize them from their website. The trainer on the website is in shape and the one you are meeting looks like the same person but is carrying 30 plus pounds of excess body fat and does not even look like they workout. “You just received your first red flag!” 

image of fat cartoon character eating pizza with a shirt that says sports on it
Failed And Fat Personal Trainer

I have seen many trainers over the years ranging from late 20’s and especially in mid 30’s 40’s completely fall apart and fail horribly at their own physical appearance and professional standard.
So what are the reasons for this?
1. People keep hiring them even though they are completely out of shape.

2. They lack self-respect and sustaining self-discipline.

3. Helping people is a job and not a passion.

4. They do not practice what they preach.

5. They entered the business after working out for 4 months, getting in shape and competing in a show thinking I can make money at this.

6. Personal issues caused them to lose focus and not understand they should be an inspiration.

7. They spend a lot of money marketing appealing to the uneducated client.

An educated client recognizes out of shape trainers as someone they would never hire.

I have had clients over the years see an out of shape trainer who is not as fit as their client ask me how the client could hire someone who doesn’t look like they work out or be an inspiration to motivate and set an example. It is difficult to believe in the instruction from a person who cannot be what they are telling the client to accomplish. The client has no standard (bar) set to follow is below sub-standard. 

Staying on top of your game in the fitness industry requires a lifestyle and not just a short journey into gaining a short-term fit body.

“Be The Inspiration Not The Deterioration”

Quote by Don Niam