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Personal Trainer Back Exercise Routine

personal trainer demonstrating a bent over barbell row

Personal Trainer Back Exercise Routine and How To Workout

Perform A Dynamic Warm Up Before Working Back

To start a strength training back routine I usually use a variety of cable exercises to properly warm up the back along with rotator cuff exercises due to the shoulders being engaged.

Pull Ups Are Number One For Back Exercises

I start my routine with pull ups which are the hardest exercise for back work due to needing all my strength while fresh to perform full range of motion pull ups. I also perform a few different variations of pull ups which you can see in the video in this article. There is a method to developing enough strength to perform pull ups. While training clients I will have them perform negative pull ups. For people who are not strong enough to perform negative pull ups, I will have them use TRX bands at an angle they can handle to perform 6 – 10 repetitions for building enough strength to start performing the negative pull ups. Some of these exercises cannot be explained well enough in an article, but a person educated in strength training will obtain an understanding of what is being stated in this article.

Dumbbells and Cables For Back Training

Some of my favorite back exercises are performed with cables and dumbbells such as single arm rows with a relatively heavy weight.

Machines For Back Exercises

To tax the back out another favorite exercise is performed on any type of back row machine such as Hammer strength equipment where my chest is pressed up against a pad in a seated position rowing each arm independently with a weight that I can perform 6 – 8 repetitions.

Technique For Performing Back Exercises

When performing back exercises one of the major mistakes is pulling first with the arms instead of pulling with the back first without bending your arms. 

Biceps After Back

I also perform bicep exercises on the day of back training. Your biceps are already being engaged and warmed up which makes it a perfect fit to roll right into bicep exercises immediately after training the back.

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Date April 19, 2017
Time 8:31am

Article by Don Niam

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