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Best Personal Trainer Training Routines

What is the best personal trainer training routine?

There really is not a best personal trainer training routine, but there are different routines that can achieve different results. The major myth is that heavier weights and less repetitions will build bulk. That is a complete myth.

Many people have been led to believe that high repetitions will build definition. So let me try to make this as simple as I can. For starters the best way to increase definition is through diet.

I have developed my bodies best defined look with repetitions of 5 and sets of 5 per exercise with a warm up set and 6 repetitions with 4 sets per exercise. My point being that creating hypertrophy (building muscle or adding muscle tissue to your body) takes serious stress and resistance against the muscle. That is achieved through heavier weights. To rid the body of body fat and show the definition is achieved more through diet. Obviously the more muscle tissue one has, the more muscular one will look when dropping the body fat.

The other training method I use is repetitions between 10 and 12 with sets of 3 to 4 depending on fitness level. Very high repetitions such as 15 can create a good pump, but is not very effective at building muscle tissue. I typically start a new client with very little experience at around 12-15 repetitions. This is to test the persons body and help them achieve good form without injury.

Those are just basics on sets and repetitions, but taking into consideration each persons goals and body type will depend on how I will train them.

Using Heavy Weight

Moving up into heavier weight with low reps and more sets requires preparing the muscle for adding weight without injury. When moving up in weight the increments should be small depending on size and weight of the person and the muscle group a person is working. obviously working large muscle groups such as legs when squatting can handle larger weight increments, but once again it depends on the individual person.

As a personal trainer I have to work with a person to know that type of information due to keeping a person safe first. So when writing an article like this I cannot give exact increase in weight increments. An example would be a female who is able to do a maximum of 10 repetitions with 10 pound dumbbells on a bicep curl exercise and adding 5 pounds to her dumbbell curl may be to much weight to add at once and bumping the weight to 12-1/2 pounds would be safer. That same person could add 10 pounds performing an exercise such as a squat exercise. This is why a professional trainer who understands this can add much value to a persons workout routine without causing injury.

This article is meant to give a basic understanding of repetitions and sets along with weight increases and is not a specific type of routine.

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January 15, 2017
Time 12:13pm

by Don Niam

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