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Kick Up Metabolism Changing Workout Technique

Kick Up Your Metabolism With Different Workouts

When your workouts seem to be getting stale and you have lost some motivation due to physical plateau’s, try changing up your workout and not just the exercises. Try doing full body workouts for two or three weeks. If you have never performed 100 repetition sets, they will give you a new soreness and re-energize your body. Perform one exercise for shoulders and I recommend light clean and presses for 100 reps,  push-ups for 100 reps and good deep push-ps not short half way ones. Lat pull downs for 100 reps. Squats for 100 reps and add stiff leg dead lifts with light weight at 100 reps. The legs have so many muscle groups, i recommend 3 exercises for legs. The third being calf raises. Since legs are more difficult and fatigue the body more than upper body, try doing the leg exercises first.

For all exercises, keep the weight at a tolerable resistance that 100 reps can be performed. For each body part perform as many rep’s as you can, then short rest and continue until 100 repetitions are complete.

For abdominal, I recommend straight leg hanging leg raises and if not able to do straight leg, perform knee ups.

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Why Exercise and What Is Your Motivation

Written by: Don Niam on 

The point of my article is to exercise and take care of your body and mind for yourself. Reacting to other person’s feelings about you or whether your wife or girlfriend just dumped you is a weak reason to temporarily take care of yourself. Be educated about exercise so you know how to accomplish results and not get discouraged. Or hire the right personal trainer to help you get started on a healthier way of life.

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