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Image of a kickboxing trainer holding a kick sheild for a client performing a roundhouse kick
Kickboxing Trainer in Las Vegas Summerlin Area


Kickboxing training has many benefits including being a fun workout, a great fat burner and body toning workout and can create muscular definition. Don Niam teaches affordable private sessions in the privacy

of your home or at the gym. The training is taught with real kickboxing and boxing form. Techniques are taught in combination. Along with the kickboxing technique that is taught, self defense and practical application is also taught.

Train only with a professional with real skills and authentic form when it comes to kickboxing or self defense.

Kickboxing Class Taught By Instructor Don Niam Las Vegas 89128 from Don Niam on Vimeo.

Updated August 6, 2016 12:23pm Author Don Niam