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Personal Trainers Must Look Like A Trainer

I still find it amazing how many personal trainers you see in a gym that look like they never worked out. I am always baffled at how they have so many clients. I believe some of the answers are marketing and sales techniques along with cheap prices and a promise of fast results.

How can a client be motivated to listen to their personal trainer when the trainer is not in shape?

Many newbies are intimidated by a personal trainer that is in shape and think that they may work them to hard or expect to much from the client. That is wrong thinking and the evaluation should be that the trainer has enough respect for what they do and their own well being. The in shape trainer is more likely to be a professional in the business and take what they do seriously.

A Professional Fitness Trainers First Rule Is To “Do No Harm”

If a potential client seeking a personal trainer will do some research and also look at visible testimonials with photos along with an extensive personal trainer, the conversation can reveal a lot. Simple questions such as: how will you be training me and what should I expect to see in results? Honest answers will be based on a persons present physical condition and what they are willing to do as far as commitment to exercise and diet.

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May 19, 2017
Time 10;31pm

Article by Don Niam

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