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Mixing Up Training Methods

Change Up Your Workout Routines

As a personal trainer and in my own workouts I like to mix the workouts up for my clients and myself. Keeping clients motivated and stimulating their metabolism requires different stress methods to shock the body and take it out of a slump. Personal trainers can become lazy and just do the same routine over and over. This tends to haunt results and lacks stimulation physically and mentally to a client.

So What Are The Various Techniques Used To Do This?

I like to just entirely change up the workout without notice to the client on any given day. Exercises that I use may be a series of TRX Band training exercises to stimulate specific areas that a client may be lacking in. Medicine ball exercises using a lot of torso and moving fast and powerful through media series of rotational exercises along with plyometrics creates a great sweat and releases endorphins that make the client feel physically and mentally good.

Rolling heavy tires and including plyometric jumps along with push ups is hard and build excellent strength and kicks up the heart rate along with the metabolism.

Kickboxing drills mixing up punches, kicks, knees, elbows and martial arts conditioning exercises is a great way of integrating some new workout techniques along with stimulating hand and eye coordination and has a learning experience to keep the mind working which takes boredom completely out of the workout.

Personal trainers need to be well versed in some of these training methods before teaching them and should have used them in their own workouts to understand safety when switching up the workout and understanding how much and what pace the client can handle.

Change Workout Routines To Prevent Slumps

I have loads of unique and different training methods to keep clients interested and constantly gaining results.

For more information about my Don Niam the “Iron Trainer” training methods feel free to contact Don direct Via Email or call DON direct at 702-610-3896 and please leave a voicemail if I do not pick up the phone because everyones inquiry is important to me.

May 14, 2017

Time 5:15pm

Article by Don Niam

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