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Personal Trainer Best Chest Routine For Obtaining Balanced upper Chest

Start With A Dynamic Warm Up

Chest Press Exercise on incline bench pressing dumbbells up
Chest Press Exercise Performed by Las Vegas Personal Trainer Don Niam

One of my best personal trainer chest routines starts as all routines with a dynamic warm up. The first exercises I perform when working any upper body exercises are rotator cuff exercises with cables or dumbbells.

I then usually use light weight cable exercises for upper chest performing 15 or 20 lightweight upper chest fly’s and another set of upper chest presses, from that point I perform a set of lightweight straight in front chest fly’s.

Start With Upper Chest Exercises

Now begins the workout which will be upper chest fly’s with dumbbells. I will use a weight that I can perform 10 – 12 repetitions for chest fly’s for 4 working sets. The next exercise is incline dumbbell presses. For dumbbell presses I use a weight that I can perform 6-8 repetitions for 4 working sets. The next exercise will either be push-ups of which I perform 15 repetitions for four sets or dumbbell flat presses.

Lower Chest Exercise

The last exercise performed will be an exercise to work the lower chest which will be a dip or decline fly’s or a machine that I can hit the lower pecs. This exercise is also performed at a weight that can handle 6-8 repetitions for 4 sets.

Please keep in mind that I use a variety of tools and not always just cables and free weights, depending on what I feel like using. Also, there are days where I may use a lighter weight and repetitions of 12-15 for 3 to 4 sets. Usually when performing fly’s I do not go heavy due to the stress on the deltoids and the movement being performed in a wide range of motion which tends to stress the deltoids pretty hard.

Include Push-Ups In Every Other Workout

Also, a word of advice is to include push-ups in every other chest workout. I see many people bench pressing heavy weight but still not able to perform a full down to touch the chest to floor and all the way up just before locking arms out. I also due arm lock outs to keep a full range of motion in my muscles. As a martial artist we never lock out our arms as it will cause joint problems and cause you to pull punches due to the pain a lock out will cause.

I have my own methods that are tried and tested over several years and have kept me from having shoulder injuries and other injuries. I have also had injuries and understand how to prevent many injuries due to a life of experience.

This workout gives a routine along with sets, weight loads and repetitions, but I cannot specify exactly how each exercise is performed to gain the most out of each exercise and how to stress the chest as much as possible. When performing chest you are stressing the deltoids and technique will help take more load off the deltoids and place it on the chest.

If you like the routine and are a Las Vegas resident or will be visiting Las Vegas and would like to train with the “Iron Trainer” feel free to email Don or phone him direct at 702-610-3896.

Date April 1, 2017
Time 5:59pm

Article by Don Niam

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