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New Years Resolutions and Why They Fail

Keeping Your Fitness Exercise Weight Loss New Years Resolutions

How many times have you committed to a New Years resolution and failed to keep it going or follow through with it. New Year’s resolutions are not something to wait for so you can start it and abuse yourself in the meantime because it’s the holiday’s and you deserve to eat everything in sight. A resolution should just be a commitment like going to work everyday because it is part of your lifestyle.

Personally I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions and I make plans to find a better and more successful way to do what I am presently doing or find new ways if the old are not working. When you are in business for yourself, to be successful and receive a pay check, you have to create that success and create the paycheck. No one is handing you one on Friday or doing a direct deposit into your account.

So getting to the source of the problem is really about making a lifestyle change based on the fact that what is presently being done is not working. Of course if it is working and one has a regimented workout program, they are probably committed to everything they do. That same mentality is what makes the person who is committed to training and has self respect along with the drive to press on in everything they do.

Set the bar for yourself higher and do not compare your fitness level to your friends that do not exercise and are in worse shape than yourself. I fortunately get compliments on how good I look for my age, but to me I have worked my entire life to stay in shape and respect my body and mind enough to work hard and make sacrifices to take care of it.

To me my level of fitness is not where I want it to be and I would never compare it to people my own age, but compare it to others that are committed to exercise and take care of themselves. I want to compare myself to what I was yesterday and how I can work to improve. Stop comparing your fitness level to people who are not in good physical condition and surround yourself with people who are.

We all need to be around or learn from others who have achieved what we have not or have a higher level of what we are seeking.

If you go to an ice cream shop where the same people load up on sweets daily and figure you are in better shape than them, then what are you really comparing to. Walk into a bar where the same people spend their time after work drinking alcohol and eating party treats for the evening and feel you are equal to or in better shape than them, you have set a bar less than mediocre.

Join the gym or hire a qualified personal trainer and surround yourself around fitness enthusiasts that are in the gym 3 to 6 days a week working out and then your comparison is more realistic of what you need to achieve. In the big picture we should forget about improving our fitness because a spouse or opposite sex partner left you, then you are not trying to improve who you are for yourself and the commitment will not last.

Be better for you and no one else, strive for self improvement and content with who you are along with confidence about yourself will be gratifying and life long.

Last but not least do not hire a trainer who is not in shape themselves or based on price. Not all trainers are the same and the bar can go from a level of five to 100 with 100 being 100% quality and experience. If personal training is not affordable then start self educating.

Article by Don Niam

December, 11, 2016
Time 2:01pm

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