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How Much Training Discipline To Workout Do You Have

A High Level Athlete is a fine Tuned Fanatical Machine

I usually come up with my blog article ideas through conversations with people about workouts, exercise, training techniques and also my clients. I wanted to talk about discipline in the average person who wants to get in shape or the lack of discipline. There are the athletes who reach a very high-level in their sport and to reach a high level of success in pretty much any competitive sport today goes beyond training and discipline that 98% of society could not comprehend.  The athletes of today are better than ever, their work ethic, training regimen, diet and nutrition are perfect for the expenditure of calories and nutrition necessary to perform and train at a high level. They use trainers and nutritionists; their meals are prepared and timed throughout the day. To be successful in a competitive sport at a high-level you need to be fanatical, mediocrity will not get them there. An athlete needs to live and breathe what they do and when they live and breathe what they do they will improve on what they do. The high level athlete will create new ways to move to counter to catch the ball or whatever the sport requires, because a high-level athletes mind is constantly seeking how to do what they do better and gaining an edge on the competition.

The Average Person’s Discipline Is Usually Weak At Best

During my many years of training and teaching people, barely ten percent are dedicated and disciplined. I will give you a few scenarios’ that has happened more than a few times. It goes like this: The next month is going to be kind of scattered for training and I am doing something next week and then there is a holiday after that, not sure about the following week, but then there is another holiday and I really don’t know what is up to workout in the next month or so. Everything is left as a maybe when the client leaves, it was up in the air as to whether that person was going to be training and I already know that working out is history. I have been teaching and training people for so long that I can read what people are preparing themselves for, or what they’re attempting to prepare me for. This client works out hard and has had good progress, but has only trained with me for two months.  During the explanation with the holidays coming up and vacations are planned, the topic of eating and drinking a lot was an exciting part of the conversation. What was really being said is; “I just worked out for two months and I deserve to take a month and pound down some fattening foods and alcohol.” The perception of working out hard can be different for everyone. But I have found this mentality a lot, if it’s brought up on the wrong day I will lay out what discipline really is and not two months of working out and celebrating about it. My weakness is that I speak the truth and will call you on your story. This is why people do not get results from working out. They pat themselves on the back after a few months and think they did enough.

It’s also why many countries feel American’s are weak and lazy with no disciple and party too much. I have to agree with that philosophy.

Go workout for a year hard and go to the gym when you don’t feel like it, but PLEASE, do not give me excuses. Come back and talk to me in 30 years after you have been consistent. I rarely ever hear reasons from people, only excuses.

Anymore I have to turn my hearing off when it starts up, because after 38 years of hearing BS excuses, I have a low tolerance level to absorbing it. Why hear what I have already listened to from hundreds of others.

The other one I have had to call people on is, “Man I used to be ripped and in good shape.” My comment is, “can I see photos of you being ripped?”

Why don’t you believe me? No I don’t, but if you were ripped, I would like to see a picture and you should be overjoyed to show off that shredded physique.

Very recently another question came up in a training session with a new client that thought he would put on 30 or 40 pounds of muscle in 6 months. His question went like this; “If I build my body up, I can stop working out and keep the muscle right. This was a serious question to. I said yes and if you quit your job, I am sure the company you worked for will keep paying you forever also.

That’s just a few and I will stop there before I start getting angry all over again. LOL

If  You Want To Train With Me That’s Great, But I Do Not Chase Or Sell You On Buying Training

People that inquire about training do not understand that I don’t push them to workout with me. I do not want people who have to be talked into it or want a better deal. I do not do deals; if people do not want to train with me, go get the bartender that just realized he could con a waitress at work to pay him to show her how to workout. That way when they don’t show up for your training session that you already paid for, you can spend the next month chasing down your money that he or she still owes you and never returned a call.

Hopefully I have not scared anyone off that is thinking about hiring a trainer or specifically me. Realities will take you down the path to success. Hearing what you want will only lead to disappointment.

If you have any question regarding fitness training please feel free to email me from the side bar to the right or in the contact form at the footer of this page.

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Article by Don Niam

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