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Teaching Kickboxing Correctly

Teaching Kickboxing Proper Form Technique Las Vegas

heavy bag 6 feet long made by title
Heavy Bag Referred To As A Banana Bag Made by Title

The best kickboxing should be taught as kickboxing the sport and not a workout of half the class with bear crawls, 100 burpees, loads of push ups and sit ups. If people pay for kickboxing, they should be getting kickboxing instruction. They can do bear crawls, push ups and sit ups on their own. Don Niam founder of Iron Trainer Personal Training started in Kung Fu at the age of 19 and is still practicing and teaching. With Don’s background in martial arts and not just a kickboxing background, correct form and application goes without saying when teaching his Kickboxing with the infusion of Kung Fu techniques for practical application. In traditional martial arts every movement has a purpose and so it should be with kickboxing training. I have watched people take kickboxing classes for years with terrible form and not the fault of the student. It takes more work to teach correct form, but it is the only way to teach. If someone trains with Don, there is no question that they were taught properly.

Kickboxing Taught With Real Martial Arts Techniques

Don owned and operated Kung Fu schools for over 20 years, trained kick boxers and promoted fights back in the late 80’s and teaching correct form goes without saying to develop students properly. This same attitude should be carried over into teaching kickboxing wether it is a cardio based class for the general public or people who want to learn real kickboxing. There is only one method and that is to teach the real deal.

I once had a metro officer tell me he went to several different gyms that offered kickboxing and to much of the class was focused on bodyweight exercises and not kickboxing instruction. He did his own strength training and took up kickboxing for the instruction of learning kickboxing correctly and did not want to pay for a push up and sit up class.

How Don Teaches Kickboxing

Before the training itself starts the hands should be wrapped and not after a warm up or conditioning exercises. The hands should not take up 10 minutes of the training time or class time. This is another huge mistake I see when kickboxing classes are taught. The clients should not break the flow of the class with a 10 minute hand wrapping session. Don provides a video for people to learn how to wrap their hands.

The first part of instruction is flexibility training to be able to execute kicks properly along with warming up with footwork and correct form for punching, kicking, knees, elbows and footwork.

The second part of instruction is hitting the heavy bags with combinations of punches kicks, knees and elbows. These combinations are taught with application of the technique to understand why and how the techniques are being taught and executed. The best type of heavy bag for kickboxing instruction is the long 6 foot banana bag. This bag is preferred for teaching low roundhouse kicks which are useable for self defense and the sport itself.

Many women love kickboxing training and for self defense purposes females strongest body part is usually their legs and learning how to utilize their legs for self defense is part of proper kickboxing instruction.

The last part of the class or private training session is abdominal training hitting the lower abs first as this is the hardest area to develop. For instruction purposes he teaches correct form of push ups. This is taught to train clients as to how to do a push up correctly. So many people do half or quarter push-ups. Doing push-ups incorrectly for years yields poor to no results.

This last portion of the workout takes up a maximum of 10 minutes.

Why Kickboxing Training Burns More Calories Than Most All Group Fitness Classes

Using the legs for kicks and knee strikes taxes the largest muscle groups of the human body. The propulsion and utilization of the legs, core and hips requires a lot of effort and makes the body burn calories. Training has to be performed in a flow without break time and standing around talking. Standing around talking should not be part of any group fitness class.

If you are interested in private one on one kickboxing training Don is presently offering a couple of introductory offers. You can fill out the quote form and check which of the introductory offers you may be interested in and Don will get back to you ASAP.

Date: October 8, 2017

Time: 11:54:23

Article by Don Niam