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Tips For Hiring A Personal Trainer In 2017

Tips On What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Trainer

This article will offer some tips on hiring a Las Vegas personal Trainer in 2017. I believe to be serious about your business in any field a company or person should have a professional company website. One of the biggest misrepresentations that I see on the internet is that a trainer either has no photos of themselves or a very old photo from the day they competed in a show and was able to get into shape. Then based on a photo a person seeking a personal trainer shows up for a free consultation, free session or planning on purchasing sessions right at the first meeting. The person (personal trainer) on the website does not even resemble the trainer that showed up. Chances are the only pic on the site is very old and the trainer shows up with a physique not even close to the trainer on the website and is most probably completely out of shape. That states that the trainer cannot keep he or she self in shape. That should raise a red flag about the quality of the training and ability to practice what they preach.

One of the main credibility factors I look for when searching or a product or service is reviews and when it comes to personal training reviews, I place only reviews with images. I train several professional people and many just do not allow photos of themselves but are willing to give a written testimonial. I just do not put them on the site at all if I cannot attach photos with them. I have had a few online clients that I was not able to take before and after myself to document starting times and at this point I have never used a testimonial of theirs.

Knowledge And Experience Is An Important Factor

I have found that no matter what the field is that knowledge and experience wins over all. Even textbook training today is constantly changing their protocol. Some of that protocol reverts back to old school training methods that were thought to be wrong or contra-indicated is now according to the so called experts as the correct way. Many young trainers no matter how educated cannot relate to a mature adults physical challenges or injuries that they have acquired over the years because they have never had them themselves and do not understand the rehabilitation of them or work arounds. I have had clients that paid very high prices for training in high priced gyms where the training was anywhere from 80.00 to 100.00 per session and the trainer did not even spot the new client during a squat and the client has fallen backwards during just a bodyweight squat exercise. I found this hard to believe but it was true coming from my clients own words.

Many former athletes and MMA fighters have become personal trainers just based on working out without any type of certification and that does not qualify a person to be a personal trainer.

MMA And Kickboxing Trainers

Athletic training such as MMA and kickboxing is taught at a higher level and someone looking to compete in the sport. It is also based on someone being youthful and less likely to attain an injury. Just because someone was a competitor and even a champion does not mean they understand how to translate what they did to the average person walking in to train and may already have some physical challenges such as injuries that have not been rehabilitated. Also an average person wanting to workout in MMA or kickboxing training for fitness and self defense has to be trained differently than an athlete wanting to compete.

When I give a free consultation or free session a prospective client has a very good understanding of how I teach personal training and why certain exercises are performed in the succession they are. One of the very important rules of a Personal Trainer is “To Do No Harm,” safety first and with time strength and cardiovascular conditioning will come along with results that have longevity.

If anyone is interested in learning more about how Iron Trainer Personal Training (Don Niam) can help you achieve your fitness goals feel free to phone me at 702.610.3896 or Email me.

Article by Don Niam

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