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Personal Trainer Trains Teenage Athletes in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Personal Trainer Training Young Athletes

Training young athletes is rewarding and gratifying to see the increase in speed, muscular development, reaction time and hand, eye and foot coordination. I decided to write this updated blog article based on a client that wanted me to train his 15 year old son.


He told me that a few years back he coached the school soccer team on conditioning and many of the kids were cheating on the body weight exercise drills such as push-ups. My client also stated that he had them doing 100 push-ups at a time.

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I was a little shocked that he was surprised that most all the kids were cheating. I told him that I do not know many adults that can do 100 push-ups correctly without stopping and resting let alone a group of young teenage kids that have not even physically developed yet.

My philosophy on training is to build the body from the foundation up and teach correct form to develop solid strength and prevent injury. “Do not set people up for failure”, it is not a confidence or motivational builder. Having people do 100 push-ups that most likely can barely do one correctly is a sure set up for failure. There are training methods to increase strength and build your body up correctly to increase repetitions with good form. From that point once a person can do one properly, staying strict on number of repetitions along with proper form is the only way to build the human body and young adults strength the right way.Personal Trainer for Teenage Sport and Health Teams Las Vegas

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My fitness client realized what he did and I knew it was bothering him that he taught them wrong. I told him not to beat himself up on it. I see so many injuries in young athletes and mostly due to improper training methods and lack of flexibility. Along with those factors is lack of rest when injured and placed back in the game. This is a subject that I realized is leading to several young athletes becoming addicted to pain medication.

I was watching a special on television and a special that focused on my home towns University, the University of Akron football team had several young athletes that became addicted to pain killers and then moved on to hard core recreational drugs. I have to attribute many of these problems to improper conditioning methods. Many trainers are not very flexible and cannot teach stretching. The result of that missed area of training is “Injury”.

Keep this in mind when your son or daughter is training for a sport in high school or college. A degree in physical fitness or sports medicine does not always equal quality training.

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Article by Don Niam

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