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Personal Trainer Wellness Coach

Personal Trainer Wellness Coach in Summerlin Area

As a personal trainer and wellness coach, I see more and more people reading information and spreading

Hire A Personal Trainer In Las Vegas Summerlin area
Hire A Personal Trainer In Las Vegas Summerlin area

information that is incorrect in many cases. There is too much information for people to analyze. People do not have time to research every new finding of health, nutrition, exercise, and food products along with supplements. Due to the nature of the internet being fueled by business, in my opinion, there are more lies than we should see through marketing and advertising sales. These are some of the reasons I am writing this article and hope to send a message that reading one article or seeing a video, documentary, etc., is not a time to freak out. It seems like at the end of the day, someone is trying to ultimately sell you on a product, idea or way of life. There is usually an agenda whether it is good or bad who knows, but there is a reason for everything.

Read Food Labels Before You Buy

I have discovered many years ago the most people do not pay any attention to labels on food packaging and for some odd reason do not know what many ingredients are or that sugar being in most packaged foods is a huge killer of our society. If you are expecting big companies that sell those packaged foods to tell you the real story on the health risks or just plain garbage you are buying, they will not and only sell you a line of how good it is. I have stated for years we can only do the best we can and have to stay self-educated and trust no one or very few. By that, I mean that we have depended on ourselves to take care of ourselves. Buying organic is expensive and we have known for many years that hormones have been injected into animals for size and rapid growth. Everyone wants convenience but do not want to pay the price. Keep the diet simple and stay as far away from boxed, bagged and canned foods. I limit my canned foods to solid white tuna and nuts if not bought in bulk. I also eat natural peanut butter. I watched a documentary a few months ago on the meat industry and much preaching about being a Vegan and how diabetes is not from sugar, but the meats we eat and especially processed meats. One of the worst visuals in the documentary was candy piled on shelves and explaining this was not the reason for diabetes and the meat is. In my opinion and in the medical industry, sugar is the end result of diabetes. Many diseases are a compilation of things. We have been ingesting pesticides for years and accumulating a build up of them in our systems and that along with other issues is causing more cases of cancer according to many studies. Once again, it is expensive to buy organic. This documentary showed a person stating he pays only $20.00 per week for his Vegan diet. I find that hard to believe unless a person is eating only brown rice every day, but his grocery bag had vegetables in it. With so much wrong information, how can anyone believe anything that was portrayed in the documentary even the truthful parts that are stated? There are different theories and science in the medical industry and is too much to absorb.

Personal Trainers Obligation To Advise Clients With Facts

The first part of this article addresses too much information regarding the food supply and what is good along with what is a sales pitch or attempting to convince the consumer that a Vegan diet is the only way to go for everyone. Due to the growth of the fitness industry in general and the influx of people trying personal training as a career the variations of information from one trainer to another can be completely on the opposite side of the fence. This trainer states to do it this way and do it that way is confusing to the consumer. Sometimes if the information seems wrong, it may be advice without substance. Hire a personal trainer for fitness training, not medical advice, if you need more medical advice, obtain more than one doctors opinion. The profession of personal training stretches from 1 – 10 in knowledge and results. Because someone is young, or a professional bodybuilder and has a good physique, does not mean they are capable of training someone else with a completely different body type, poor genetics, and battles weight gain. The average person who has never worked out or has been sedentary for years has to be brought along at a pace they can make progress much differently than a young active adult. At 62 years of age, I became interested in working out at age 15 along with wrestling in high school and pretty much continued working out without slack time in an era where very few people exercised at the level as people are at the present time. Working out is not just something you do and expect to make rapid changes if your body has never worked out or let things go for many years. Pursue realistic goals and educate yourself as much as possible even if you have a trainer. You may learn more about your own body and not be dependent on a trainers advice. Educating clients in their quest to make exercise part of a lifestyle that requires patience and empathy as a coach.
Everyone has their own pace at which they want to accelerate and as long as they progress and keep moving forward, their acceleration rate and interest will grow at their pace. Know the signals your client is giving you as a trainer and wellness coach. We need to have empathy for people in their struggle to make progress and be motivated. I take people as fast as they want to go or slower if they are not ready physically or mentally. Personal trainers acting like a drill sergeant will not gain the respect of their client and probably have a new client feeling discouraged and embarrassed only to turn their efforts into a bad experience with exercise and a personal trainer.
If a person is going to be in the personal training business they need to love helping people and sharing beneficial knowledge. I have said this 1000 times and I will keep saying that being a personal trainer is not a job, it’s a passion and a love for gaining fitness knowledge along with testing new exercises thoroughly before teaching them. I see so many trainers teaching new exercises they just learned in the latest edition of Men’s Health and the client is following the trainers poorly researched instruction. The fitness magazines and industry in general needs to always come up with new information and exercises, unfortunately, much of it is redundant or just looks different, but has little value for the efforts.
Train people properly and truthfully, you cannot go wrong by being sincere with a solid foundation for your instruction. Over the years as Kung Fu teacher and operating my own schools for 20 years, I have had so much gratification in developing people and so many children in Martial Arts that I still get compliments from people and parents from way back. You cannot place a dollar figure on that, it is rewarding enough to hear it and know that my efforts were appreciated and life changing.
In the end, we need to watch out for ourselves and not take everything for fact that we read on the internet.
These are my opinions and are not meant to be medical advice. This information for one who reads this article to digest what is written and take your own steps for the future.
If anyone is interested in learning more about my personal training, wellness or kickboxing programs feel free to send an email or fill out this QUOTE FORM. I also train people visiting Las Vegas who need a personal trainer during travel or just want to up their knowledge and learn new ways of exercising. Many people plateau physically and mentally and need a boost of new information and workout routines.
Date: 2017-7-22
 Time: 11:23PM
Author Don Niam

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