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Personal Training Versus Group Fitness In Las Vegas

Personal Training or Group Fitness

Personal Training versus group fitness classes is a question a person seeking to get in shape has to decide based on budget and goals they are seeking. Very few group fitness classes will add muscle tissue to your body and shape your physique lie strength training and targeting weak areas of a person’s physique. A experienced personal trainer will take your body fat percentage, overall body measurements and photographs when a training program starts for a comparison. Strength training (weight training) to hit every muscle group will add much needed muscle tissue to a persons body which will help shape your body and strengthen the muscles and bones. This is necessary especially as we age and lose muscle tissue just through the aging process. This is important to start when a person is younger to establish setting your body up to be use to lifting and allowing the muscle fibers to grow. It is harder to play catch up as we age.

Abductor plank exercise
Abductor plank exercise

Adding Muscle To Your Body Is Important

Most people in large group fitness classes that are cardio based are using a lot of energy and adding no muscle tissue tot heir body, but they are improving the strength of the heart and cardiovascular system. Classes that use light weights in a large group setting are usually not under much correction if any due tot he class size. Also, the light weights do not stress the muscles enough to add any muscle tissue. They are basically performing calisthenics. After years of realizing little to no change in their body, some finally result to strength training.

Group Fitness Moving Tires, Pulling Sleds Is A Great Workout

The group fitness classes that involve moving tires, sleds etc. are a better workout under proper supervision.

For many it is based on budget and I say do something rather than do nothing as long as it has some value and try to educate yourself as much as possible to move on and be able to train yourself if possible.

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March 18, 2017
Time 9:50pm

Article by Don Niam

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