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Train Like An Athlete To Be One

Train Like An Athlete To Look And Move Like One

Athletic Performance Training

If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life and not cause damage to your body, then you want to train like an athlete with someone who knows how to properly warm up and prepare your training in proper sequence. What I mean by sequence is not just jumping in the gym and grab every piece of equipment you can at random because you are having a good energy day.

For example, plyometrics should be performed immediately after a dynamic warm up, not after an exhausting leg or cardio routine.

Plyo exercises should be performed when your body is strong and not exhausted. Do not perform box jumps with a box directly nudged up against a mirror. If you miss or catch just your toe on the box and fall forward, you will be head first in a mirror.

Do not do cardio training before strength training. Strength training consumes every ounce of energy and strength to optimize your workout and tear tissue to gain growth.

Mix up your routines with days that you are not strength training with weights utilizing workouts with plyo exercises, medicine ball wall throw training, kickboxing and footwork training.

Use the TRX bands once in a while in place of one of your weight training days and ad band exercises. Use the band to do chopping training at high-speed performance. Work bands to throw fast punches in sets of a 100 reps with 30-second rests. Bands can also be used for high rep at super speed for back, bicep, triceps and most any muscle group. These types of workouts will bring your body out of a rut and prevent plateau’s.
They also prevent mental plateaus. Don’t worry about missing your same back or chest workout. If you have been working out for a long time and are a lifer at exercise, your body and mind needs change. You can blow your chest out by performing a variety of push-ups and will bring on soreness you have not experienced from your normal weight routine .

Train like this and your body will hit more muscle groups and stabilizers for everyday life and athletics. What is the use of working out of your body lacks function.

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Date Published 2015-10-22 Time 09:32:19

Article by Don Niam

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