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Why Hire a Las Vegas Personal Trainer

My Exercise Program Is Not Working

Have you been working out for 3 or four months and see no result?  Maybe you’re even getting what appears to be heavier. Your doing loads of abdominal exercises and the waistline is growing instead of shrinking. I was watching a girl in the gym the other day doing loads of weighted ab exercises tugging and pulling on that nice smooth ab machine. Then rolled over to the stretching area and had a weight in her hand doing lots of side bends. Problem that she doesn’t know is that her waistline is growing from her exercise program and not shrinking.

Are you one of those people doing cardio and moving from weight machine to weight machine that you’re 10.00 per month trainer that came with your membership may have shown you for abdominal exercises. The cookie cutter program doing one or two exercises per body part on a machine is not working. Now your discouraged and the long-term contract you bought just went to waste. It’s really not the gyms fault, it’s yours for not educating yourself. Would you sky dive without proper training? No you would not.

Trying to reconstruct your body is a science and not an easy one. How many years have you let your body and diet go eating junk food and watching TV or posting on Facebook?

It takes work to reconstruct your body and a commitment, but you don’t have to workout for hours a day to change it. Proper training techniques along with a solid eating program will do it.

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Article by Don Niam

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