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Weight Machines Ruin Trainers Hit The Barbells: Dumbbells

Barbell’s and Dumbbells The Foundation For Building-Muscle-Strength and Power

Weight Machines Versus Barbells and Dumbbells

Weight Machines are good exercise equipment but they can make a personal trainer lazy and teach to many cheating habits to a client. To an intermediate or advanced client of a personal trainer utilizing free weights and cables will burn more calories and engage more stabilizing muscles than sitting in a fixed position using a pin or plate loaded piece of weight equipment.

I am guilty of this lazy type of training clients and myself, but a light bulb went off today that inspired me to write this blog update on the Iron Trainer website.

I recently switched gyms to train my clients at because I wanted to work in a different area of Las Vegas and operate out of a more private and smaller gym. I started weight training at the age of 15 in the local YMCA of my hometown of Akron, Ohio. After working out for so many years I like a bright and upbeat atmosphere and my new training location, which is an Anytime Fitness owned by a friend of mine Dave Vaughan. Dave invited me to his gym to take a look at his Anytime Fitness Center. When I pulled in the parking lot I knew I found a great new gym and location to train myself and my clients at. The area is Del Webb Community in Summerlin. Today one of my favorite hard working clients that has also become a friend met me there for his first workout and mine.

The gym is much smaller than my previous gym and I could see he was a little concerned that there were not as many machines. About half way through the workout, Josh (my client} said that it will take him a little time to get use to the gym. I mentioned to Josh that when I lived in LA, most of the health clubs I used had half the equipment and were half the size of the 5,000 square foot Anytime Fitness gym we were training at.

This made me realize that I had become a little lazy in my training methods and my own workouts. I have always told my clients that when I feel lazy I use machines, but free weights are better. I came up with the brand “Iron Trainer” because I like to visualize my methods and physical appearance as a molding a piece of IRON! Even if it is not weight training and it is traditional Kung Fu (martial arts) Kickboxing, Self Defense, Plyometrics or Sport Specific training, I visualize throwing Iron, pushing iron, pulling iron and forging an Iron Body while doing it.

Who doesn’t want an Iron Body? Everybody wants a hard body made of iron, but most do not want a huge unmanageable body and neither do I!

Monday mornings workout 12/14/2015 at 7:00am will be a Iron moving Tri-Set tissue tearing workout with only Barbells and dumbbells. That workout will bring new life to my client and realize the work it takes to move iron when you can bang sets out and Tri-Sets because there is no travel time in the gym.

For information on training rates and available times Call Don 702-610-3896

Date 12-12-2015 Time 4:00pm

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Article by Don Niam

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