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Focus Mitts Who’s Hitting Pads You or Trainer

Is Your Kickboxing or Boxing Instructor Slamming The Pads at You

“Making You Think Your Combinations are Fast and Hard Even Though Your Barely Extending Punches” One of my pet peeves when I see a kickboxing or boxing instructor in a fitness based or even some fighter gyms is what I call “The Pad Hitting Con”. This is when a trainer or coach sets up 4 or 5 quick hand combinations and bangs the pads reaching out to the client or student with the pads. What does that mean, they are really doing the striking making the client feel as if they have become fast at a combination, when in reality the client is barely moving their strikes forward or out to strike the focus mitts. So in reality the teacher is really doing the striking and making it seem as if their client has gained this great boxing ability, which is useless for sport or street fighting and self-defense. The client’s distance for striking training is off and no one would bring their face or body into your punch making it easy for you to hit the target. So the client has not gained proper power for full range of motion, which they will need. The trainer likes to do this in front of a group of other people watching that do not realize the poor client is getting conned into believing they have accomplished something. The trainer then hopes to pick up a few more clients with the ongoing viewers thinking if they can do that I can look good to.

Watch for an upcoming post about conditioning your hands and mind for a real life situation!

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