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Personal Training Over 50

Training People Over The Age of 50

Mature adults that have never worked out require an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer that can deal with a persons challenges and develop a workout program to prevent injury while building strength and muscle tissue along with meal planning. Training people over the age of 50 that want to change their body, but have never worked out in their life is not like training a young person in their 20’s. The building process is

Image of Personal Trainer Over 60 Years Old In Las Vegas
Personal Trainer Over 60 Years Old In Las Vegas

usually slower and requires special attention on building up to a more strenuous workout program. When the client states that a certain exercise hurts and they have never worked out can mean that they just have a low tolerance to pain or it could be the possibility of an injury about to happen. Experienced personal trainers will know how to deal with this properly.

A good starting point for new clients that have never exercised can be the utilization of medicine balls, fit balls, cables and light dumbbell exercises. Bodyweight squats are safe and begin the process of how to perform a great leg and glue exercise from a beginner level. Just performing everyday duties can improve through bodyweight squats and make walking up steps and bending down less of an effort.

Personal Trainer Various Modalities

Iron Trainer Personal Training offers a multitude of training methods to help their clients reach all their goals. We help our clients develop their body and overall health through resistance training which can be performed with a weight training program customized to fit their specific body type and physical make-up. Every one of our clients walks in with a unique body type and that is what hiring a personal trainer is all about. A personal trainer who has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate a clients body type and weaknesses then work to balance the body through a customized workout program to enhance weak areas and develop a symmetrical physique.

An exercise program for a mature adult is not just about building a great looking physique, but developing overall health and strength to make life easier physically and mentally.

If you are interested in learning more about what goes into a personal training regimen with the Iron Trainer please feel free to contact us VIA our quote form and fill in the questionnaire.

Date 2017-06-19

Time 6:47AM

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