When is The Best Time To Start A Physical Fitness Program

When To Start A Physical Fitness Program

The best time to start a physical fitness program is when you can quit making excuses not to. I am not trying to offend anyone, but after 40 years of teaching people fitness and martial arts, there are not to many excuses I have not heard. I like to tell people to find the same time they do for their hobbies, play time, bar time or work time. Although there are those single parents that have some very difficult schedules and have not been able to dial in a workout program.

Part of the issue with people who have not worked out in the past and have no knowledge of exercise cannot find time due to the fact that they are genuinely lost as to what to do even if stepping in a gym.

Personal Trainer Client Starting Exercise Program using cable machine pulling both arms up to center of chest


Commitment to taking care of yourself needs to be a priority even if it is a half hour three times a week. That is only one and a half hours out of 168 hours based on a week Everyone and anyone can set that time aside. If you don’t make a commitment to start, you are only hurting yourself and no one will care at the end of the day. Exercise has to have a commitment just like a job or career has to have a commitment.


Please do not make excuses about all of your injuries. Most people do not have a clue about why they have injuries or aches and pains are more like it and they are due to not exercising and aging. Injuries and or aches and pains do not get better without exercise and possible rehab if the case is truly an injury. Athletes like myself have had injuries over the years that would dwarf most peoples whining aches and pains which are usually just an excuse to workout.

I am offering a one hour and 15 minute exercise plan and consultation for people who can workout at home or train with me in the gym or at their home for a $75.00 fee. This will be the best investment you will invest in your health.

I do offer a free one hour training session in the gym based on the persons interest and financial ability to invest in personal training. I have no problem offering the free session if the prospective client is able to invest in training, but no after 40 years of knowledge, I do not work for free and do not expect you to either.

If you are interested in learning more about the Iron Trainer Personal Training program, please do not hesitate to phone me at 702.610.3896 or email me in the form below.

Article by Don Niam Author

Date 12/31/2016
Time 11:21:59pm

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